I won’t try to post every day, but since I just started this whole “blog thing”, I’ve got lots to talk about. For once.

I graduated in 2011. Going in my first year of high school, like most freshmen, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after graduation. Well. Teachers and counselors what you to figure it out. Now. I didn’t have a plan. My brother is 13 years older than me, and by the time he graduated, I was barely talking, let alone trying to understand what he had planned for his life after high school.

I had a computer game growing up (yes, on Windows 98) that was about a little girl named Madeline. I played it all the time. And when I got word my brother was going to college over in Portland, I was scared. Because the only I knew geographically was Europe. So surely, he must be going to school in Poland. Because Poland is only 5,000 miles and an ocean away. Not 500 and a river away.

Anyway, when counselors came to talk to us sophomores about getting excited for college, I wanted nothing to do with it. I didn’t want 4 more years after these grueling 4 with the same people every day. I said nope and didn’t think about it again until I became a junior, said “screw you” to Spanish the year before and still needed a language to graduate. I didn’t like any of the languages my school offered so I started looking at languages some of the surrounding colleges offered. I found one that offered sign language. I’ve always been fascinated with sign language since I was little. So why not learn it and get something out it. This was 5 years ago.

When I finished the first three classes, I heard there was an interpreting program offered for sign language. So I started it. And by the time I graduated high school, I was no where close to finishing this degree like I should’ve been. I tried 3 times and failed because I was so burnt out on school. My GPA was 1.2 when I dropped out. I worked my ass off, after throwing away financial aid and a savings account my dad created for me, and finally class by class, paying out of pocket, its 2015 I’m at a 1.8.

And back in my program. Once again. And hopefully for the last time. 5 years later and I want this degree bad enough now, I should know this stuff. After this quarter, I should be above a 2.0 again. I’ll try to keep you updated, once a week or so. This time around there’s LOTS to do. Making dictionaries every week, 1-2 receptive videos (watching, writing down what was signed), and 1-2 expressive videos (physically signing paragraphs for the instructors. One of my teachers is actually deaf. No interpreter. And she’s GREAT at teaching.

In high school, they always are talking 5 and 10 year goals. I never had enough information about the world I lived to make goals and decisions like that. I didn’t expect or want to get a job 3 months after high school. But I did. The last thing I expected was to drop out of college and get married three years later. But I did. I’m kind of glad I didn’t have 5 and ten year goals then because I didn’t want to let my self down if I had failed to meet them. I don’t hold myself to anyone’s standards and ideals but my own. But now, only being married 2 months today, and having the family we do, I have 2 and 10 year goals that might change to 2 and 5 year goals. And that’s only because I know I can make them happen now.

I was a drama kid in high school and if you’re lucky, I might find all of my Theater pictures and post them. One gig I was a part of was about high school drop outs. Ironic right? That I was a PSA announcement for the high school drop out rate when I dropped out of college three years later.




These were not taken in 2005 by the way. Stupid date stamp on the camera.

I’m taking these classes online so I thought I’d let you all know since this whole blog thing is a little new. May or may not post over the weekend, but I’ll definitely have something by Monday!



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